Customize Your Hat

Getting a custom hat is something special: A hat designed by and for you. At Why Hats, you are a key part of the creative process of your hat. We decide together the attributes of your hat and verify with you each of the stages during it's production, in order to achieve an unique and genuine piece.


  1. Tell us what ideas you have in mind about your custom hat.

2. You will have a video call with Genis, the hatmaker, so that he knows you and you can explain to him what your ideal hat looks like. You can take as a reference some of our latest creations. Choose between 50x rabbit felt (from 595€) or 100x beaver felt (from 797€)

We will define together: the shape, the color and the elements that define you. Our goal for it is the hat to be just how you imagined it! 

  1. Leave us a deposit: As it is a unique and exclusive piece, tailor made, we ask for a 200€ deposit. Custom Hat Deposit
  2. Creation of the piece (Each step of the fabrication will be validate with you).
  3. Make the remaining payment.
  4. Receive your hat.

    We ship worldwide. In order to get a perfect hat that reaches your expectations Genis will need 12-14 weeks to build the hat and ship it.

    Contact us out to know the shipping costs for other parts of the world.

    Fill the following form to start the process of getting your custom hat now. You can also contact us via email, WhatsApp (+34 671 943 663) or schedule an appointment to visit us at our workshop in Valencia.

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