Genis Whylan and Anabel Blond, the creators behind the brand



My name is Genis Whylan, I was born in Barcelona and grew up in a nearby village called Collbató, Montserrat.

Since I was little, the only thing I have known how to do and that has really filled my heart is art. I have always liked creating, inventing, experimenting....

Music has been one of the greatest influences in my life, leading me to hats. Influenced by the SLUMERICAN culture and after several trips I decided to start creating my own hats, destroying them, burning them and basically discovering my work philosophy ‘’ 100% imperfection ’’ Imperfection makes perfect. Starting small, you can have a lot.

The hats have meant for me, something more than a complement, a lifestyle, a philosophy to follow, MY RELIGION. The power to create something with your own hands and see the final result is a unique sensation, each hat is a piece of me.

It all started with my trip to Texas, on tour as a guitarist with my friend Don Welch, I was able to contemplate the importance of the hat, how each person there had their hat that they wore every day, discovering ancient techniques of veteran hatters.

During my time in Ibiza, I ran into Curro Coronel, a hatter from Linares, Jaén, who based his life fully on creating hats. It piqued an interest in me to create my own brand with my own style. Months later I met my wife, Anabel, together and with the little money we had, we invested the minimum to start creating. Everything was evolving, little by little I discovered my style and each time we improved more.

Thanks to my friends and the first clients who believed in me, we managed to perfect our creations, there was no limit to creating, the ideas were getting better...

We moved back to Ibiza, it was the inspiration to set up our workshop here, where more and more people were interested in having a Why Hats.

It is wonderful when someone comes to your workshop, tells you their life, their history, and from there you create that unique piece that defines it.